Customer Satisfaction

Measure Your Customer Satisfaction

Get valuable information about how satisfied your customers are with your company's services.

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Survey Your Customers

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In a NutShell

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Continuous surveys of your customers provide you with valuable information about how satisfied your customers are with your company's services. You will also learn whether and how you can further improve your services. This will provide you with an important basis for your future success.

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Key Benefits

Become Even More Successful

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How satisfied your customers are with your company’s services.

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Know more about whether and what you can improve.

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No time

Still close to no time but still receive valuable information.


You Will Receive The Following Insights

Overall satisfaction of your clientele with your services

Satisfaction all in all

Willingness to recommend your company to others

Satisfaction with partial aspects

Furnishing and equipment of business premises


Design of brochures and documents on products and offers

Reliability of the employees

Solution search by employees in case of problems

Timely delivery / completion

Reaction time of the employees to inquiries and requests


Professional competence of the employees

Friendliness of the employees

Simplicity of contact

Support by employees

Employee commitment

Information about products / services

Communication in general

Price-performance ratio


Quality of products and services

Identification of events that are considered to be of high impact

Positive events

Negative events

How it works

In Only Four Steps

You start the app, choose a subscription type and answer a few questions about your company in the instructions. That's it for you. After activating the project, bexio and deeptrue take care of the rest. deeptrue sends an email with a survey link two days after sending your invoice to a customer. Immediately after your customer has answered the short questionnaire, you can view the results on deeptrue. Whenever you want, you can see the results on deeptrue. You know immediately how satisfied your customers are with your services and - if you could do a little better.

Create Free Account
Create Free Account

Connect With Bexio Account

By connecting to deeptrue with your bexio account, you gain access to the Customer Satisfaction Tool.

Set Up Project
Set Up Project

Setup Project

Follow the instructions for project setup. Provide the necessary information and documents for your project.

Start Data Collection
Start Data Collection

Start Data Collection

Start the data collection and your customers will receive your customer satisfaction survey.

Get Insight Report
Get Insight Report

Get Insight Report

Receive a report. Share the gained Insights with your team.

Legal consent

Agree to deeptrue legal terms to finish the briefing and start your project.

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