Ad Testing: Lay's Wavy TV Spot, 'Dogs' Song by Simple Minds

Explore Lay's Wavy "Dogs" TV campaign, accompanied by the tune of Simple Minds. Uncover how this engaging ad boosts consumer confidence and broadens its appeal across diverse demographics.

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In this Article, we researched Lay's Wavy TV Spot, 'Dogs', Song by Simple Minds.

The recent Lay's Wavy "Dogs" TV spot, skillfully integrating the classic track "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds, revolves around the playful concept that while its chips are designed for the perfect dipping experience with fewer breaks, this innovation might not be as celebrated by our canine friends. Launched in early 2024, this advertisement stretches across various platforms, including television, digital spaces, outdoor settings, and social media channels, aiming to share its message in a light-hearted and engaging manner. The essence of this campaign centers on the joy of snacking without the mess, juxtaposed humorously with the disappointed pooches missing out on their accidental treats.

This commercial brings to life scenes of dogs from different households, all eyeing the sturdy Lay's Wavy chips, which hardly break and thus, scarcely end up on the floor for their taking. The ad, a product of the inventive team at Haygarth USA, masterfully brings this scenario to life.

In exploring the outcomes of ad testing, this article delves into the ad's emotional draw, its distinctiveness, relevance to various audiences, and its influence on viewers' likelihood to purchase. Special attention is given to how these elements resonate across different age groups, underscoring the broad appeal of the Lay's Wavy "Dogs" advertisement and its clever blend of humor, nostalgia, and product showcasing.

The ad: Lay's Wavy "Dogs" TV spot

In the Lay's Wavy "Dogs" TV spot, a delightful narrative unfolds to the tune of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)", showcasing a clever contrast between chip lovers and their four-legged friends. The ad humorously highlights the Wavy chips' design, which promises less breakage and an optimal dipping experience. Throughout the commercial, viewers are treated to scenes of dogs in various homes, all keenly watching as their human counterparts enjoy these sturdy chips. The pets' anticipation for the occasional fallen chip is met with disappointment, as the robust nature of Lay's Wavy chips means fewer floor treats for them. This creative approach not only emphasizes the product's unique selling point but also resonates with viewers through a mix of humor and the relatable experience of pet ownership, capturing the heartwarming charm of the Lay's brand.

Research Methodology

The analysis begins by delving into the methodology, which features deeptrue's Advertising Test: an online survey thoughtfully crafted for internet-savvy individuals aged 16 to 59 across the USA. With a well-balanced distribution of gender and age among 300 respondents, the results of the study offer a comprehensive view of how the advertisement was received.

Ad Testing Results from Survey


The advertisement scored highly in likability, with 88% of respondents expressing a positive reception. This indicates a strong affinity among viewers, attributed to the ad's blend of humor and relatability.

Likability - deeptrue

Open-Ended Responses on Likability:

  • Dogs and Humor: A significant portion of respondents were captivated by the ad's focus on dogs and its humorous approach. Terms like "centralized around dogs begging for human food," "dogs are hilarious," and "love dogs and these were cute and funny" highlight the ad's effectiveness in using pets and humor to capture the audience's attention. This strategy resonates with viewers' emotions, particularly those who find joy and amusement in pet antics.
  • Cute and Funny Elements: The ad's charm and humorous elements were widely appreciated, with feedback praising its "super cute and funny" nature and the humorous scenario of dogs waiting for chips. This suggests that blending cuteness with humor enhances the ad's likability, making it both memorable and entertaining.
  • Music and Theme: The soundtrack and overall theme of the ad received positive remarks, indicating that these aspects significantly contributed to the ad's likability. Comments like "I like the music and general theme of the ad" and "Music is relaxing, the dogs are adorable" point to the importance of a well-chosen soundtrack and coherent theme in enriching the viewer's experience and connection to the ad.
  • Product Quality and Appeal: The visual presentation and the quality of the product were noted as likable features, with responses emphasizing how the ad made Lay's chips look delicious and appealing. This feedback underscores the effectiveness of showcasing product quality and appeal in advertising, influencing viewers' perceptions and desire for the product.
  • Relatability and Realism: The ad's relatability and portrayal of realistic scenarios were aspects that resonated with the audience. Phrases such as "it's relatable, fun" and "I love the real world scenario of the dogs with their people" illustrate how depicting familiar situations can enhance an ad's impact and relatability.

Emotional Response

Viewers reported a range of positive emotions, including happiness, amusement, and affection, particularly towards the dogs. These responses underscore the ad's ability to connect emotionally, making it memorable and engaging.

Emotional Reaction - deeptrue


The spot was perceived as highly unique by 78% of respondents, distinguishing itself through its creative approach to highlighting the product's features in a lighthearted context.

Uniqueness - deeptrue


With 78% finding the advertisement relevant, it resonates well across the board, likely due to its universal appeal and the relatable scenario of pets eagerly waiting for food.

Relevance - deeptrue

The data suggests that the content had the highest relevance among the oldest age group (50-59 years) surveyed, with an 87% relevance rating. The age group 20-29 years also rated the content as quite relevant with an 81% score. The age groups in between, 30-39 and 40-49, found the content slightly less relevant, with 77% and 76% respectively.

The trend indicates that as age increases, the perceived relevance of the content also increases, especially after the age of 50. This could imply that the content resonates more with an older demographic or addresses issues and interests that are more significant to the older age groups.

Relevance by age - deeptrue

Purchase Intention

High levels of purchase intent were noted, with 80% indicating they would likely buy the product after viewing the ad. This suggests the advertisement's effectiveness in not only entertaining but also influencing viewer behavior.

Purchase Intention - deeptrue

Purchase intention is relatively high across all age groups, showing over three-quarters of each group are inclined to purchase. The data indicates that while the middle-aged group (40-49) is slightly less likely to purchase than the younger groups, individuals approaching or within the 50-59 age group are the most inclined to purchase the product or service in question. This could reflect greater financial stability or targeted interest in the product or service among this older demographic.

Purchase Intention by age - deeptrue

Clarity and Message Transfer

The message of the advertisement was deemed clear and persuasive, with 89% of the respondents acknowledging that the ad communicated effectively about Lay's Wavy chips, emphasizing 'fewer broken chips, more dip.'

Clarity of message - deeptrue

In the survey responses, the clarity of the advertisement's message appeared to resonate differently across various age groups. Participants aged between 20 to 29 years found the message to be clear 85% of the time, indicating a solid understanding of the ad's intent. The 30 to 39-year-old group reported a higher comprehension, with 91% acknowledging message clarity, suggesting that this age group may closely align with the product's portrayed benefits or the humor and theme of the ad.

Clarity of message by age - deeptrue

Overall, while the message was well-received across the board, it was the older adults who showed the most significant understanding and appreciation of the ad's communication.

Brand Fit

The advertisement aligns perfectly with Lay's brand image, with 87% of respondents feeling the ad suits their impressions of Lay's, reinforcing the brand's identity as fun and family-friendly.

Brand Fit - deeptrue

Gender breakdown reveals an equal perception of brand fit, with both male and female audiences reporting an 80% fit. However, the age group data presents a slightly varied picture; the 30-39 year age bracket reported the highest congruence with brand fit at 83%, while the 16-29 age bracket showed a marginally lower score of 77%.

Brand Fit by age - deeptrue

Analyzing the data on how different age groups perceive the spot in terms of its alignment with the brand, we see that young adults aged between 20 and 29 feel fairly positive, with 83% agreeing that the ad fits well with the Lay’s brand. Moving up the age brackets, both the 30 to 39 and 40 to 49 age groups see a slightly higher agreement, each with 86% feeling that the ad is representative of the Lay’s brand identity. Remarkably, it’s the 50 to 59 age group that shows an absolute consensus, with every respondent in this bracket feeling that the ad is perfectly in tune with the brand. This progression suggests that the Lay’s 'Dogs' TV spot has an increasing resonance with audiences as they age, peaking in its appeal to those approaching their sixties.

From the analysis, it can be inferred that while the Lay's 'Dogs' TV spot generally aligns well with the brand across all age groups, there's room for improvement in how it resonates with the younger demographic. To bridge this gap, Lay's could implement strategies for deeper engagement with younger consumers. By conducting targeted market research, Lay's can gain insights into the preferences and values of this age group. Enhancing their presence on social media platforms where younger demographics are active, and collaborating with influencers who have a strong appeal among these younger audiences, could also be effective. Such efforts would likely help Lay's to refine their brand narrative and marketing campaigns to better reflect the interests of younger consumers, thereby strengthening the brand's relevance and fit within this key segment.

Brand Impact

A positive shift in brand perception was observed, with 70% of viewers reporting a more favorable view of Lay's following the ad, highlighting its success in enhancing brand image.

Brand Impact - deeptrue

The brand impact tends to be more positively perceived as age increases.

Age Group Differences

Based on the study's findings for the Lay's 'Dogs' TV spot, there's widespread appeal across age groups. The figures suggest that the ad's messaging and humor, especially driven by the inclusion of dogs, strike a chord across a broad audience. In conclusion, while Lay's has successfully communicated its message across different age groups.


The Lay's Wavy "Dogs" TV Spot is a testament to the power of combining humor with a relatable scenario, successfully enhancing brand perception and driving purchase intent. Its widespread appeal, emotional resonance, and clarity in messaging underscore the advertisement's success. Future campaigns can build on these strengths, possibly by addressing any minor concerns about pet portrayal to further refine and enhance viewer engagement. Overall, the advertisement stands as a positive and impactful addition to Lay's marketing efforts, demonstrating the brand's commitment to creativity and connection with its audience.

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