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Explore Auto Glass Now's 'Phone' campaign. Discover its impact and appeal across demographics.

Explore Car Glass Now's 'Phone' campaign - deeptrue

In this article, we researched Auto Glass Now's TV Spot 'Phone,' focusing on viewer responses and the ad's effectiveness.

The recent Car Glass Now advertising campaign features a hilarious TV spot titled 'Phone', designed to highlight the importance of quality windshields with humor and memorable visuals. Launched in May 2024, the campaign includes TV, online, and social media advertisements.

This article dives into the detailed results of our ad testing, focusing on key aspects like emotional response, uniqueness, relevance, and purchase intention, with a spotlight on differences across demographic groups.

The ad: Car Glass Now’s 'Phone'

'Phone' humorously depicts a family driving without a windshield, their hair blowing wildly as the father urges his wife to call Auto Glass Now. Before she can dial, the wind snatches the phone from her hand, prompting her to quip that they need to visit the phone store first. This campaign underscores Car Glass Now's commitment to speedy service, aligning with their promise to get your auto glass serviced immediately.

Research Methodology

Our analysis kicks off with a detailed look at the methodology, incorporating deeptrue's Advertising Test: a meticulously designed online survey aimed at internet-savvy individuals aged 18 to 65 throughout the USA. Featuring a balanced gender and age distribution and a sample size of 300 respondents, the study's findings provide representative insights into the advertisement's reception.

Ad Testing Results from Survey


The overall likability of Car Glass Now's 'Phone' TV spot is very positive, with the majority of respondents expressing a positive opinion of the commercial. The likability ratings were very high: 71% of viewers said that they liked the commercial. This positive response shows that the commercial has struck a chord with the target group. The humor and appealing images were particularly well received, especially among male viewers, where the likability ratings rose to 80%. These high likability ratings underline the fact that the commercial succeeded in arousing and maintaining the interest of viewers, thereby strengthening its overall impact.

Likability - deeptrue

Open-Ended Responses on Likability:

  • Humor and Entertainment: A significant number of respondents were captivated by the humor and entertainment value of Auto Glass Now's TV Spot 'Phone'. Descriptions such as "super funny", "hilarious", and comments on the windy face effect underscored the ad's success in utilizing humor to engage viewers. This aligns with the emotional response data, where laughter and happiness were prominently reported.
  • Visual Appeal and Creativity: The visual aspects and creative execution of the ad were frequently highlighted in the context of likability. Respondents praised the "sharp and attention-grabbing" visuals and found the concept of the windy face scenario both "clever" and "memorable". This creativity contributed significantly to the ad's uniqueness and overall appeal.
  • Message Clarity and Relatability: Many respondents appreciated the clarity and directness of the ad's message. Comments such as "clear and concise message" and "effectively highlights the key benefits" indicate that the ad succeeded in delivering its core message without confusion. Additionally, the relatable elements, like the depiction of everyday scenarios, resonated well with viewers, enhancing the ad's likability.
  • Length and Pacing: The ad's brief duration was noted as a positive attribute by several respondents. Remarks like "short and to the point" and "quick made relevant points" suggest that the ad's pacing was effective in maintaining viewer interest while delivering its message efficiently. The concise nature of the ad was seen as a strength, contributing to its overall likability.
  • Mixed Reactions: While the ad was generally well-received, some respondents found it "over the top" or "too silly". A few comments indicated that the humor bordered on being "cheesy" or "stupid", and specific elements like the "screaming voice from the wife" were noted as unpleasant. These mixed reactions highlight the subjective nature of humor and the varying preferences among different audience segments.

The combination of humor, visual appeal, clear messaging, and effective pacing made Auto Glass Now's 'Phone' TV spot a well-liked advertisement.

Emotional Response

The emotional response to the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' was predominantly positive, with the highest percentages of respondents reporting feelings of laughter (51%), happiness (25%), and excitement (16%). These emotions are essential for creating memorable advertising and suggest a strong connection between the ad's content and positive viewer engagement. The humor, highlighted by the windy face effect, was a key element in eliciting these responses. Additionally, the creative and relatable depiction of a common car issue resonated well with the audience, further enhancing the ad's emotional impact. This positive emotional resonance underscores the ad's effectiveness in engaging viewers and reinforcing brand recall.

Emotional Reaction - deeptrue


A notable 76% of participants found the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' to be unique and different from other ads they had seen. This distinctiveness can be attributed to the ad's creative approach, combining humor with an unexpected visual element—the windy face effect. The uniqueness of the ad stands out in a cluttered media environment, making it more memorable to viewers. The effective use of this creative visual, along with a clear and engaging storyline, underscores the ad's success in capturing attention and distinguishing itself from more conventional advertisements. This ability to stand out is a crucial attribute for ensuring the ad's message resonates with a broad audience.

Uniqueness - deeptrue


The relevance of the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' to its target audience presents an interesting divide, with 58% finding it relevant.

Relevance - deeptrue

Notably, relevance scores dipped among the youngest age group (18-29 years), with only 43% finding it pertinent. This suggests that while the ad resonates well across most age segments, it might need adjustments to better appeal to younger viewers.

Relevance by age - deeptrue

Additionally, men found the ad more relevant (68%) compared to women (48%), indicating potential gender-based differences in engagement. Enhancing the ad's relatability to younger audiences and women could further increase its overall relevance and effectiveness.

Relevance by gender - deeptrue

Purchase Intention

The purchase intention resulting from the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' is quite promising, with 60% of respondents indicating they would consider the brand.

Purchase Intention - deeptrue

Notably, the ad had a stronger impact on men, with 71% expressing a willingness to consider the brand, compared to 48% of women. This gender difference highlights the ad's appeal to male viewers.

Purchase Intention by gender - deeptrue

Additionally, age plays a significant role, as 66% of respondents aged 30-49 reported a higher likelihood of considering the brand, whereas only 46% of the 18-29 age group felt the same. These findings suggest that while the ad effectively drives purchase intention among a broad audience, refining the message to better resonate with younger viewers and women could enhance its overall effectiveness.

Purchase Intention by age - deeptrue

Clarity and Message Transfer

The clarity and message transfer of the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' were remarkably effective, with 80% of respondents finding the ad's message "Auto Glass Now offers fast service, quickly repairing or replacing auto glass" to be conveyed very clearly. This high percentage underscores the ad's success in communicating its core value proposition.

Clarity of message - deeptrue

Men perceived the message even more clearly, with 87% acknowledging its clarity compared to 73% of women. Additionally, the message resonated well across most age groups, particularly among those aged 30-49, with 80% finding it clear. However, younger viewers (18-29 years) showed a lower clarity perception at 62%, indicating a potential area for improvement. Overall, the ad excels in delivering a straightforward and compelling message about the brand's quick and reliable service, ensuring strong audience comprehension and engagement.

Brand Fit

The brand fit of the Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' is notably strong, with 69% of respondents finding the ad suitable for their impressions of the brand. This positive reception indicates that the ad effectively aligns with the brand's identity and values.

Brand Fit - deeptrue

Men rated the brand fit higher, with 73% perceiving it as suitable compared to 65% of women.

Brand Fit by gender - deeptrue

The ad also resonated well with the 30-49 age group, where 75% found it fitting, underscoring the ad's ability to connect with this key demographic. However, the youngest age group (18-29 years) showed a lower fit perception at 60%, suggesting room for improvement to ensure broader appeal.

Brand Fit by age - deeptrue

Overall, the ad successfully communicates Auto Glass Now's brand identity, reinforcing its market position and enhancing brand recognition among viewers.

Brand Impact

The brand impact of Auto Glass Now's TV spot 'Phone' is noteworthy, with 63% of respondents indicating that the ad positively influenced their perception of the brand.

Brand Impact - deeptrue

Men, in particular, showed a higher rate of positive impact at 74%, compared to 52% of women. Additionally, the 30-49 age group exhibited the most significant positive shift in brand perception, with 73% reporting a favorable change. This strong positive response suggests that the ad effectively reinforces Auto Glass Now's brand identity, highlighting its reliability and quick service. However, the youngest age group (18-29 years) was less impacted, with only 54% reporting a positive change.

These findings indicate that while the ad successfully enhances brand perception among a broad audience, further efforts may be needed to engage younger viewers more effectively.


The 'Phone' TV campaign by Auto Glass Now has been well-received, particularly for its humor and clear messaging. The ad resonated strongly with its audience, with 71% of respondents expressing a positive reaction. The clarity of the message - Auto Glass Now offers fast service in quickly repairing or replacing auto glass - was evident, with 80% of viewers finding it conveyed clearly. Additionally, the brand impact was notable, with 63% indicating a more positive perception of the brand after viewing the ad. The ad performed best among males and the 30-49 age group, highlighting a strong connection with these demographics. However, there is a notable difference in reception between genders and across age groups, suggesting that future campaigns could benefit from tailoring content to appeal more broadly, especially to younger viewers and females.

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