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Gain deep Insights into Your Event's Success and Optimize Future Gatherings

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Gather Insights from Attendees

Hosting an event? Before planning your next one, understand attendee satisfaction and optimize event success with our Event Feedback Tool. Gain deep insights into attendee experiences, identify areas for improvement, and ensure your events are not just memorable but also highly impactful. Leverage our tool to tailor future events to meet attendee expectations and drive event excellence.

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Key Benefits

Your Benefits of deeptrue's Concept Test

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Risk Reduction

By evaluating your concept with your target audience before full development and launch, you can reduce the risk of failure. It allows for identifying and correcting issues or misalignments with consumer expectations early on.

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Understanding Consumer Preferences

Concept testing provides insights into consumer preferences and needs. Businesses can understand which aspects of the concept are most appealing and which elements may need adjustment for higher market acceptance.

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Optimization of Product Offering

Feedback from the test can be used to fine-tune product design, features, pricing, and marketing strategies. This increases the likelihood of a successful market entry.

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Decision Support

Concept tests provide critical data that help decision-makers make informed choices about progressing, modifying, or discontinuing a product concept.

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Market Positioning

Insights from concept testing can assist companies in developing an effective positioning strategy by understanding how their product is perceived against existing market solutions.

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Communication Strategy

The results help identify key elements for marketing communication that highlight the unique selling points of the product or service and effectively address the target audience.

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Budget Optimization

By investing only in concepts that resonate with the target audience, companies can use their development budget more efficiently and avoid wasting resources on less promising ideas.


Includes All Relevant Metrics for a Comprehensive Event Evaluation

Overall Impression

General perception or feeling about the event

Likes & Dislikes

Specific aspects that attendees enjoyed or didn't enjoy

Willingness to Participate

Likelihood of attendees to engage in future events

Willingness to Recommend

Likelihood of attendees to suggest the event to others

Any Open Feedback

Any additional comments or suggestions attendees may have


Reasons why attendees chose to participate in the event

Impact on Business Goals

How the event contributes to achieving organizational objectives

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities for attendees to connect with others

Registration Process

Ease and efficiency of event registration

Speakers and Sessions

Quality and relevance of speakers and sessions

Inspiration for Topics

Topics or themes that sparked interest or creativity

Duration for Discussion

Adequacy of time allocated for discussions

Duration of content

Appropriateness of the length of presentations or content

Impact on Departments

Influence of the event on different departments within an organization

Awareness Sources

Channels through which attendees learned about the event

Platform Experience

User experience on the event platform (if virtual)

Tech Support

Availability and effectiveness of technical support during the event (if virtual)

Thoughts on Event

General thoughts and reflections on the event experience

Event Expectations

Alignment between attendees' expectations and the actual event experience

Relevance of Audience

Appropriateness of the event audience

Benefits of Sponsoring

Value gained from sponsoring or being associated with the event


Likelihood of attendees to attend future iterations of the event

Information Before Event

Adequacy and clarity of information provided prior to the event

Venue and Equipment

Quality and suitability of the physical or virtual venue and equipment

Optimization Opportunities

Areas where improvements or optimizations can be made for future events


Overall organization and management of the event

Use cases

Designed for Diverse Market Player

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Event Organizers and Planners

deeptrue's Event Feedback Tool offers event organizers and planners a comprehensive solution to gather crucial insights into attendee satisfaction. By leveraging this tool, organizers can delve into the nuances of attendee experiences, identifying aspects of the event that resonated positively and areas that may require improvement. With direct feedback from attendees, organizers can discern trends, preferences, and potential pain points, allowing for informed decision-making in future event planning endeavors. Armed with this knowledge, organizers can tailor their events to exceed attendee expectations, fostering loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately, ensuring long-term event success.

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Businesses and Corporations

deeptrue's Event Feedback Tool is a vital resource for businesses and corporations seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of their events. By harnessing this tool, businesses can gain invaluable insights directly from event attendees, enabling them to measure the impact of their events on various key performance indicators such as brand perception, customer engagement, and lead generation. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions, refine event strategies, and optimize future event planning efforts to maximize return on investment. Ultimately, deeptrue's Event Feedback Tool equips businesses with the actionable insights needed to drive tangible business outcomes, enhance overall marketing efforts, and pave the way for sustained success in the competitive landscape.

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Event Sponsors and Partners

deeptrue's Event Feedback Tool offers invaluable benefits to event sponsors and partners by providing them with insightful data directly from event attendees. This data allows sponsors and partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of attendee demographics, preferences, and perceptions related to their brand or products. Armed with this knowledge, sponsors and partners can evaluate the effectiveness of their sponsorship investments, refine their marketing strategies, and strengthen their partnerships with event organizers for mutually beneficial outcomes. By leveraging deeptrue's Event Feedback Tool, sponsors and partners can make informed decisions that enhance their brand visibility, engagement, and overall impact within the event ecosystem.

Idea Test - deeptrueIdea Test - deeptrue

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Client BKW

“Innovation is the core of our business. We found deeptrue as the ideal tool to validate ideas and concepts quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. This helps us to use our resources efficiently and on the right projects.”

Testimonial Thomas Egli

Thomas Egli

Business Development at BKW
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Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Here

Wer beantwortet meine Umfrage?

Mit deeptrue bist du mit über 312 Millionen hoch engagierten Panelisten und intrinsisch motivierten Befragten verbunden, was sowohl eine überlegene Datenqualität als auch branchenführende Durchführungszeiten gewährleistet. Sobald eine Zielgruppe definiert ist, verbindet sich unser automatisiertes System mühelos mit den relevanten Konsumenten. Vertraue auf unser umfangreiches Konsumentennetzwerk, um die präzisen Zielgruppen zu erreichen und die ideale Stichprobengrösse zu erzielen.

Kann ich auch einen Test in mehreren Ländern durchführen?

Ja, du kannst deine Umfrage in vielen verschiedenen Ländern durchführen. Du kannst die Länder während der Projekteinrichtung auswählen. Wenn dein gewünschtes Land nicht auf der Liste steht, kontaktiere uns, und wir finden sicher eine Lösung.

Bietet ihr Unterstützung beim Einrichten von Umfragen an?

Absolut! Unser Team von Marktforschungs-Spezialisten steht dir in jeder Phase zur Seite. Möchtest du lieber selbstständig handeln? Kein Problem! deeptrue bietet die Flexibilität, als vollständiges Do-it-yourself-Tool verwendet zu werden, bietet aber auch die Möglichkeit, mit uns als Full-Service-Marktforschungsagentur zusammenzuarbeiten.

Wie funktioniert die Bezahlung?

Um die Insight-Tools zu nutzen, musst du Credits erwerben. Du kannst Credits im Abschnitt "Zahlungen" deines Dashboards kaufen. Du kannst per Rechnung oder Kreditkarte bezahlen. Nach dem Kauf stehen dir deine Credits für deine Umfrageprojekte zur Verfügung, und du hast vollen Zugriff auf alle deeptrue-Tools.

Wann erhalte ich meine Ergebnisse?

Die Fertigstellungszeiten variieren je nach Zielgruppe und können von wenigen Minuten bis zu mehreren Tagen reichen. In der Regel werden Umfragen am Tag ihrer Veröffentlichung abgeschlossen. Normalerweise sind erste Ergebnisse bereits innerhalb weniger Stunden zugänglich. Bei Umfragen mit sehr spezifischen demografischen Kriterien kann sich der Fertigstellungszeitraum jedoch verlängern.

Wo ist deeptrue verfügbar?

deeptrue führt Umfragen in über 130 Ländern weltweit durch. Die Tools sind derzeit für folgende Länder verfügbar: Albanien, Algerien, Angola, Argentinien, Australien, Österreich, Aserbaidschan, Bahrain, Bangladesch, Belarus, Belgien, Bolivien, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Botswana, Brasilien, Brunei, Bulgarien, Kambodscha, Kamerun, Kanada, Chile, China, Kolumbien, Kongo D.R., Costa Rica, Kroatien, Zypern, Tschechische Republik, Dänemark, Dominikanische Republik, Ecuador, Ägypten, El Salvador, Estland, Eswatini, Äthiopien, Finnland, Frankreich, Gabun, Gambia, Deutschland, Ghana, Griechenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hongkong, Ungarn, Island, Indien, Indonesien, Iran, Irak, Irland, Israel, Italien, Elfenbeinküste, Japan, Jordanien, Kasachstan, Kenia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lettland, Libanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libyen, Litauen, Luxemburg, Macau, Mazedonien, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexiko, Moldawien, Montenegro, Marokko, Mosambik, Myanmar, Namibia, Niederlande, Neuseeland, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norwegen, Oman, Pakistan, Palästina, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippinen, Polen, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Katar, Rumänien, Russland, Ruanda, Saudi-Arabien, Serbien, Seychellen, Sierra Leone, Singapur, Slowakei, Slowenien, Südafrika, Südkorea, Spanien, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Schweden, Schweiz, Syrien, Taiwan Region, Tansania, Thailand, Tunesien, Türkei, Uganda, Ukraine, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Vereinigtes Königreich, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Jemen, Sambia, Simbabwe. Wenn dein gewünschtes Land nicht enthalten ist, kontaktiere uns, und wir finden sicher eine Lösung.

Wie ist die Preisgestaltung?

Die Preisgestaltung richtet sich nach der Anzahl der Teilnehmer, wobei die Kosten pro Teilnehmer je nach ausgewählter Zielgruppe und der Anzahl der in der Projektkonfiguration gewählten Metriken variieren. Richte dein Projekt kostenlos ein, um eine auf deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Schätzung zu erhalten.

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